Hello World!

Foodscape Finds is dedicated to bringing you the world of food.  Not just a recipe or a photo and comment on a restaurant we visited.  We delve a bit deeper than that, in the hopes you are inspired along your own eating path.  We aim to intrigue, educate and entertain ... and always with the constant theme of food at the heart. 


The Creative force

Rachel Cheatham's PhD is in nutritional biochemistry from Tufts University, but you won't find her in a lab.  Prior to going back to school to get her doctorate, she was a commercial television producer and personal trainer.  More recently, she was a Senior Vice President at a PR firm managing large food clients, and working too much.  Nowadays, when she isn't creating, writing and traveling, she is working hard as the Founder and CEO of Foodscape Group, LLC ... leveraging her wealth of knowledge and training by consulting with food company clients from pre-market startups to global corporations.

Nisah Cheatham worked about 25 years in IT systems infrastructure.  You know, that backroom computer stuff that most people would like to know even less about.  But he's been passionate about food and travel since he was a kid with a "Say it in Japanese" phrasebook on his nightstand.  Fascinated by languages and cultures, he finally added cooking to the mix starting in college.  These days you'll find him in the home kitchen daily.  Happy to dabble in many styles, he loves everything from working the wok to braising low & slow to blending up a root vegetable velouté.


Our philosophy

Food is passion. Food is personal. Food is about discovery of the world, and in turn, discovery of self. How we eat, where we eat, when we eat - it's all personal and often reflects who we are in a way deeper than expected.

We enjoy seeing other people and places through the "lens of the food" and then adapting all of those learnings into a new globally-informed way of eating.  We do pay attention to all those foodie tribes from #vegan to #paleo because there's something to be learned, but we don't ascribe to any single one.  Our style is decidedly foodie untribed! Don't you just have to try the baguette in Paris and the steak from la parilla in Buenos Aires and a plant-based green smoothie in Los Angeles!? 

All said, we hope Foodscape Finds allows you to further your passion for food and your own informed pursuit of eating and living well.