Korean Fried Chicken

Chicken Up!

I just had to try some Korean Fried Chicken and this Singaporean chain claims to be the best in the city. While everyone has their own opinion, there was a branch close by so...

Chicken Up! is Singapore's self proclaimed best Korean Fired Chicken in the country.  Since there was a location just around the corner, and I had the time, it seemed liked the thing to do.  After a bit of time trying to locate the establishment (buried deep in a shopping mall), I finally sat down to a menu.  It wasn't immediately obvious, but my server gave me a recommendation and I settled in.

For those who don't know, Korean Fried Chicken differs from American Fried Chicken in that it's fried twice.  It's also not heavily battered and the resulting dish is a crackling, thin crust that is then often brushed with finishing flavorings.  In my case, I opted for Yangnyeom chikin wings (twice fried and then painted with a sweet & spicy sauce), ordered a beer and prepared for what I hoped would be mouth-searing spiciness.

How was it?  It was tangy & sticky & hot...as in, almost too hot to hold!  More importantly, it was crisp while not heavily battered, not greasy, not oil-laden at all.  It wasn't eye-wateringly spicy.  To be honest, it was barely spicy enough for me.  The sweetness overpowered the heat.  I was thankful for the gloves because there was no way around their necessity.  The technique of manually brushing each wing guarantees evenly applied flavors...and thorough, complete messiness.

Was it the best in the city?  Well, I only had this one sampling ...and it was good... but...I think more research is warranted.