Corner Farmacy, a food truck

Recently, I swung by a food truck called "Corner Farmacy" hoping to get a fresh, simply prepared lunch.  I was not disappointed.  I ordered the turkey club and it was lovely.

Corner Farmacy

Turkey Club

Quick Bullets

  • Turkey was better than great, making it very great.
  • Bacon was fabulous.
  • The avocado and the cheese offered the perfect textural components.
  • Sprouts were good, but so sparse they relegated themselves to unnecessary.
  • Onions were too raw for this sandwich.  Maybe have them hang out in an ice water bath for a little bit.
  • Bread was decent, but nothing to write home about.  Personally, I don't like it when sandwich bread has too many holes and your fingers are poking thru into the interior fixins.

This was a really good sandwich overall.  I can be picky, but truth be told, I would order it and love it again exactly as is.

The price seems steep, but you can actually taste the quality of each of these ingredients.  The only way to combat the perceived higher price is by making sure the provenance is known.  Tell us where the cheese and turkey and sprouts come from.  It's on their website admittedly, but I didn't get the low down when I was at the truck.

Corner Farmacy

Look at those wonderful turkey club layers...  bacon, avocado, cheese, sprouts and quality turkey