Pink Boxes Full of Doughnuts

Amidst the plates, bowls and nibbles of indubitably nutritious foods I eat on most days, I must confess an undying love of doughnuts. Dating back to my pre-teen years, I have always preferred vanilla long johns. Not too snazzy, just good doughnut fare. 

Imagine my good fortune when I was in Portland, Oregon recently leading a focus group for a conference (one on nutrition and weight management of all things!) when I realized that I could walk over to Voodoo Doughnuts nearby. The line did wrap around the long side of the building. But, no matter. I was busy browsing the extensive menu on my phone, so those forty minutes passed quickly enough. 

Standing in the glow of the pink store and matching pink boxes, I unknowingly reverted back to about 10 years old. I opted for the Loop Doughnut, Grape Ape, Sprinkles and a Buttermilk Bar. I carefully transported my pink box off to a nearby park along the river front to begin my sampling affair.


Pink Boxed Goodness

When in Portland, Oregon...


The loops on the Loop were a bit soggy from soaking up frosting moisture that morning. Sigh. Grape Ape was just too grapey, in an artificial way that required me to feel more like five years old (not 10) to enjoy it.  Sigh. Buttermilk was not bad and your basic Sprinkles was quite yummy, for a cake doughnut. I prefer yeast doughnuts, so it was my own fault for comprising on the cake over yeast just to get some pretty sprinkles. 



Since my trip I learned that Voodoo is expanding to Taipei. Huh? I mean Dunkin' Donuts tried and failed twice in that market already, but perhaps the pink craze of Voodoo will strike a Taiwanese chord.  Apparently the Voodoo doughnuts in Taiwan are 25% smaller than our U.S. versions. Sounds perfect for sampling, and when I am in town I hope to try the special Taipei Cream Doughnut that is only available there.  Meanwhile, I have my eye on the Mexican Hot Chocolate Doughnut which combines cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Nothing like sweet heat for trial number two for when I'm back in Portland. 

All said, I was left rather underwhelmed. I walked away thinking it was the anticipatory joy and pink-branded spectacle that drew me in. And if it can draw me in (a food product development and marketing consultant), well then everyone has a soft spot for childhood faves, especially when wrapped in pink boxes and purple sprinkles.  I do though have my eye on the Mexican Hot Chocolate Doughnut which combines cinnamon and cayenne pepper for when I'm back in Portland. Nothing like sweet heat for trial number two.