Lunch at the Sisters

Saigon Sisters has become my go to lunch place when I have the time and am working from home.

What makes it stellar for lunch is the selection of bánh mì and bánh bao.  I've had all but one of the sandwiches, but keep coming back to the Hen House one. When it comes to bánh bao, I usually end up with the pork belly.

Saigon Sisters

Hen House Bánh Mì & Pork Belly Bánh Bao

The pork belly is nearly perfect.  A touch of sweetness and great fatty texture, but not overly so.  The chicken in the Hen House sandwich is remarkable as well.  In my mind, it's hard to do something interesting with chicken, but they do it time and time again.  Lastly, the baguette is right.  I've had a few bánh mì that are excellent except foiled by the bread.  Saigon Sisters realize that there is no use taking quality ingredients, preparing them well, and then dumping then on the cheapest loaf available.

This family started their Chicago Vietnamese empire as a presence in the Chicago French Market right around the corner... ...and now have three locations.

I tend to hit the full restaurant more often, but if I need a fix on the weekends, I'm back to the original stall.