Haute Sausage, a food truck

The Quick Rundown:

  • Packaging lacked any branding, but a good quality container
  • Plating is nice.  You see what you're getting and it looks good.
  • Truck looks good.  It has the info it needs.  The branding works well when opened or closed.
  • Service was good.  Encouraged feedback.  Prompt.  But they didn't explain what was included with my order.

Campfire Bison

Ready to go!


Chips OK, but soggy.  That could be a function of the fact that I walked this home instead chowing down on site. Perhaps my bad.

Sausage was great!  Smokey in all of the right ways.  What makes it "campfire" is the corn, beans and sauce.  This execution could be better.  It tasted like plain corn and plain beans doused in slightly-too-sweet BBQ sauce.  Diced up pieces of sausage were added as well.

What I would like to have seen was no diced up sausage, less sweet BBQ sauce, and truly roasted corn and beans cooked together a bit to allow a melding of flavors.

But back to the main attraction... this was a quality sausage... prepared well.  The issues I have are really just minor quibbles in the end.  In general, a truck where these little links could be seared up onsite, and a few kettles bubbling of all of the sauce offerings would provide an even better experience.



Since I didn't know what it came with and the prices weren't listed on the truck, it seemed steep.  However once home, I found two sausages covered in onions, beans, and corn with a side of chips.  Suddenly I'm thinking that I wasn't over charged after all.  Could it be less?  Maybe $1 less...maybe....