San Francisco Bahn Mi

Finding myself in San Francisco for a conference, I wanted some great food, of course.  Rachel was here a few month ago and had an amazing báhn mì from a truly random place.  So I decided to look into "the best báhn mì in the city".

My main stipulation was that I would have to walk to it from my hotel.  Of course, I like to walk .. a lot.  In the end, all of my research lead me to  Saigon Sandwich in the Tenderloin.  Only about a two mile round trip.

Steamed Pork & Roasted Pork

A Double Hit of Yumminess

This place defines "hole in the wall".  No practical seating whatsoever.  Three people doing all of the work…only about five things on the menu...and in sketchy part of town.

I got the Steamed Pork & Roast Pork combo.  It was a nice mixture of textures and flavors, and all on proper bread.  The two pork preparations were great together.  The sandwich definitely had everything going for it.  When people talk about this being the best báhn mìi in North America, I think they are heavily influenced by its price.  This sandwich was $4.00 ...all in...

At that price, I will definitely say that it is the best báhn mì value that I've encountered to date. And who can refuse pork and pork?