Jerk 312, a food truck

Jamaican Heat

Jerk Chicken w/Rude Girl sauce and festival

I've been on the look out for this one for a while.  So many food trucks are sandwiches.  Thankfully, Jerk 312 has other options!


Jerk Chicken with Rude Girl sauce

The experience started off great with quality customer service.  They explained what did or didn't come with the meal.  They explained that it wasn't a sandwich and even offered suggestions.  The assembly was speedy.

Update: via Twitter @Jerk312 confirms that they cook on the trucks just prior to service and in warming trays.  

One thing I noticed was it looked like the truck is equipped for cooking, but it didn't seem to be much more than reheat and assemble.  But food is about flavor.  ...and whether or not it came from cooking in the truck or cooking it ahead of time, they cooked it properly.

The chicken is well marinaded in the Rude Boy sauce.  By itself it has the requisite spice needed to be called jerk.  The flavors are there...what you would hope to taste in anything jerked.    The addition of Rude Girl sauce tops it off perfectly though.  That sauces adds only a little heat, but this dish is already into the category:  many people will find it too hot.  But the other component is that bit of sweet.  

Sweetheat is a great thing.  My only quibble is that the sauce is too oily.  I actually think that it had separated a bit so I was dredging in a top layer of oil.  I tried stirring it well, but in such a small container, that was difficult.

It's served on homemade bread, with a good bit of density coupled with its squishyness.  My take is that it's almost a throwaway item and hopefully too much time isn't spent on prep and baking.  This thought comes from my experience with the inclusion of white bread slices with southern BBQ, chicken and fried fish dishes.  The bread is there to sop up the sauce, or to keep your fingers a bit less messy, but no one thinks about it when reviewing.  Since the very spicy sauce soaks into this bread, it cannot act as a counterbalance.

Update: via @Jerk312 - This bread is traditional Harddough and the presentation is the same as what you see on the streets in Jamaica.

Instead, that honor goes to the "festival".  Listed on the menu as a fried, slightly sweet cornbread fritter.  It totally works.  It provides a goo cool down mechanism.  Also, without any other sauces, you can achieve that great Sweetheat experience by just alternating fritter and chicken bites.


Positive Attributes:

  • Truck well branded
  • Cooks on the truck
  • Packaging was good and well branded
  • Service was great

Overall Verdict

Now that I've had it, I can't wait for the brick and mortar joint to open up on Halsted.  Are you in the mood for something extremely spicey, yet totally flavorful while burns the hell out of you?  Then find this Chicago food truck and enjoy.