Chicago Lunchbox, a food truck

My Order

The wrapping and presentation is quite plain-jane.


What was ordered:

  • Fried Egg Rolls
  • Banh Mi Long Time
  • Viet (also a bahn mi)

Positive Attributes

  • Cook on the truck
  • Friendly window service
  • Nice packaging

Fried Egg Rolls greasy as they look...

Banh Mi Long Time_ChicagoLunchbox_0519_fsf.jpg


The most traditional banh mi

Banh Mi Long Time

Yes it's their name...not mine

Fried Egg Rolls
OK.  A bit greasy.  Unless you are hankering bit of fried delight, save room for the sandwich(es). Sauce was just sweet, no other flavors so it was sort of a let down.

Banh Mi Long Time
Bread doesn't seem right.  Expecting a baguette but feels more like cuban or generic sub-sandwich loaf.  Maybe my expectations were off.  The mix of what was inside was fun.  Filipino meets Vietnamese meets USA.  The sausage was properly cooked and unctuous. The pickled veggies were a bit over the too sweet line for me.  Since the sandwich had the richness and fattiness, I think the pickle could have been more sharp to cut through it and/or the hot sauce component amped up a bit more.

In looking back at the menu online, I see it listed a with a fried egg.  This was not in my sandwich, but I don't know if the menu board at the truck listed it this way.  I'm going to assume that on the day I visited, they were purposely leaving out the fried egg due to availability or something.  Thinking about how it would taste with a soft yolked fried egg, and I am not sure I really missed anything.  The longanisa provided that fatty, juicy bite.  The richness of the yolk might have been needlessly piling on.  It definitely would have made the need for sharpness/acid/spiciness even more pronounced.

Viet (banh mi)
Bread still doesn't seem right. The pickled veggies were still too sweet.  But on this sandwich it isn't as much of a problem since the pork isn't also rich, fatty and sweet.

The issue here was that the pork needed to be sliced thinner, for more of that char flavor.  With some bites, the pickled veg flavors reduced the pork to just being a texture highlight.  The pork is so thick in places that I thought it to be un-sauced.


Overall Verdict:

Pick the Banh Mi Long Time with its sweet filipino longanisa sausage.  Flavors were unique, but not pointlessly put together.  My quibbles are minor.  Skip the egg rolls.